How does TelevisionX Work?

1. How does the trial work?

Select a trial and you'll instantly have access to our hardcore library to view on your pc, tablet, mobile or with chromecast. If you select a freeview trial you'll also have access to ch171 on freeview.

If you enjoy your trial do nothing and we'll automatically convert your account to a monthly subscription at the end of the trial period. You can cancel your trial at any time in my account, there are no cancellation fees or fixed term agreements.

2. How does the billing work?

Your monthly billing begins at the end of your trial period and will then be on the same date every month until you tell us to stop.

Your payment details will be collected by our billing company MPP Global and we will not store your payment details on our servers.

3. How can I watch Television X?

You can watch Television X on using your pc, mobile device, by using google chromecast or by using Roku. You can also find us on Sky, Virgin or Freeview and to access these services you must select the package that includes the platform you wish to view on.

4. Where can I find you on Sky?

We have five channels on sky, 903, 904, 905 , 907 , 913.

You may need to unlock adult services on your sky box to view our channels, please see further information at Sky Q or Sky HD

5. How do I find you on Sky Q?


6. How do I find you on Sky HD?

Coming Soon

7. I subscribe on Sky and should have free online access?

Please register for your free online access at
If you need any assistance please email

8. Where can I find you on Virgin?

You can find us on ch 970, 974, 975 , 975 and on demand

9. How do I watch you on Freeview?

On 2nd August this channel will move to ch671. You will need to retune your TV. Please do not perform a factory reset as this may block your access.

To watch on freeview ch171 you must have a freeview hd compatible TV or box that is connected to the internet. You can then login to our app following the onscreen instructions and select any of our five sky channels to watch live from 10pm-5:30am daily

10. How do I login to ch171 on freeview?

If you selected a package that includes freeview access you will have been asked to set your password as a 6 digit numeric PIN (ie 123456) this acts as your access code. Please login to ch171 using the UserID provided in your welcome email and your access code. If your website password contains letters or is longer than 6 digits please login at and go to my account, then select update password and create a 6 digit numeric PIN.
If you have forgotten your User ID please email

11. How do I watch with Chromecast?

12. How do I watch on my Amazon Fire Stick?

While we do not have an official app on Amazon you can use free apps to cast our videos on to your Fire TV stick.
One app to do this with is Video & TV cast / Fire TV

First download the app from the Amazon app store on your firestick.

Then download the same from the Google Play store or the Apple app store on your mobile device. You need the app on both your firestick and your mobile device, and both need to be connected to the same wifi network in order to cast to your firestick

Open the app on your mobile device and use the app browser to open

Login and select your video then click the blue 'Cast to' link at the bottom of the screen and your chosen video will play on your TV

13. How can I watch on Roku?

To watch on Roku please add us as a private channel using the code TVX , then login with your website login details.

14. How do I cancel?

To cancel an online or freeview account please go to my account, click account settings, account configuration and select cancel. Your account will be cancelled at the end of your current period with no further payments due. You can also email

To cancel a Sky account please email or call 03712713505 , terms may apply depending on the package you selected

To cancel a Virgin account please contact Virgin customer services

15. I am get the message Error no playable sources found when trying to watch videos, what do I do?

This message indicates an issue with your flash player. Please check you have the latest flash player installed at . If you are using Google Chrome your browser may need updating. Please follow these steps to check:

In the address bar, type chrome://settings/content.

On the Content settings screen, find the Flash Player listing. Check the status.

Select Allow sites to run Flash, and then click Done.

-If you have it set to ask first the player will not work