Freeview FAQs

1. Tv Subscribers: UK and Ireland Only

I've already subscribed to the TV channels, do I need to sign up to the website?
You need to sign up online in order to create your access code to view on TV. If you haven't registered with us online yet, please go to and select the option for existing customers. Follow the instructions to set up your new access details for ch171. You will also be able to use these details to watch our hardcore library on any device.

I'm a Television X subscriber, do I get free access to
Yes you get access to both sites

I'm a Red Hot Pay Per Night Customer, do I get free access to
Yes you get free access to both and with the voucher code broadcast on the channel

I subscribe to the Television X on Freeview, do I get free access to
You can get free access here

I'm a TV subscriber, do I need to enter my credit card details?
No, you will just need to enter your address, postcode and registered phone number so we can verify you access.

What time does transmission start?
10pm - 5:30am nightly

I have already paid for a subscription but the screen says it will cost another 15.99?
We've update our systems to allow you to nominate your access code for future use. This code will not expire monthly as previously. Please go and select existing customer to create your online portal and nominate your access code

I already have an online account with you but do not have an access code?
Please login and update your password to your new 6 digit access code. If you do not already subscribe for freeview access please click packages and select the freeview option.

I have an online subscription, does this include freeview?
You will need to upgrade to the freeview package to include freeview. Click packages in my account and select the freeview option to do this.

How long does it take to come on?
Your access will be available as soon as you have completed the registration

Why do I need to have a connected TV?
We've upgraded our service to meet the needs of the majority of the viewing public. In order to receive the benefit of longer viewing hours and improved content you may need to update your TV or digibox to a connected version

2. Registration / Activation Problems

I don't seem to be receiving any emails from
The emails we are sending you are probably being flagged as spam or filed to your junk mail folder. To avoid this happening, add to your address book or friends list.

I've forgotten my password, what should I do?
If you've forgotten your password or username, follow the Retrieve Password link, enter your email address and we'll email your username and a new password.

I have entered my registered phone number, postcode and surname but the site says my email address does not match?
This is a security measure designed to verify that you are who you say you are. It also allows us to ensure we have your correct details for administrative purposes. It could be that your name is misspelled in our database or that there's a typo in your postcode. If you get this message and you can go no further; please use the contact form (link in the footer) so we can help verify your account.

I've already signed up for, can I use the same username / password to log into
Yes your login credentials will work for both sites

I have lost my login details for online access
Please enter your email address and then click forgotten password on .

I have my login details but they are not working.
Please delete any saved login details and re-enter your login details. Sometimes browser updates can invalidate your stored login details

It says my details don't match/membership is expired?
For data protection we need to match your online details to our TV database to ensure only the account holder has access. For this the details you enter online must match exactly with the details you gave when registering for TV. If your membership has expired please click packages and purchase a new subscription

What browsers will you be supporting?
We will be supporting Internet Explorer 7 and upwards, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari. The site is optimised for most smart phones and tablets.

I haven't received my online login details?
You need to create an account for online viewing as we need to verify your age in order to provide access to hardcore material online. Please create your free online account at selecting existing customer

3. Technical Requirements

Do I need my TV connected to the internet to watch ch171?
Yes, in order for us to provide longer broadcast hours and remove the need for you to phone for new login details every month we have updated our service. This means your TV needs to be permanently connected to the internet to access the channel.

Do I need broadband to watch
Yes, we recommend a broadband internet connection for optimum video playback.

Do I need any specific software installed on my PC to watch is compatible with most major browsers we thoroughly test and support the following browsers Internet Explorer 7,8 & 9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. To view our video streams, you will need to install Adobe Flash Player for Windows. This is available as a free download from the Adobe website.

Should Include Mobile

4. Video / Audio Playback Problems

I'm having problems with video / audio playback?
If you are experiencing any problems viewing our video streams, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows - currently Version 10 - installed on your PC. This is available as a free download from the Adobe website.

What happens if I have paid but I cannot access the hardcore video content?
If you have paid to access and cannot find the answer to your access problem in these FAQs, please email or call our dedicated helpline on 0871 271 3505*.

5. Account preferences

You ask for my email address when I sign up, can I opt out of mailings?
Yes, when you sign up, make sure you uncheck the box where it says 'Do you wish to receive emails from Television X?'.

You keep sending me promotional emails, how do I unsubscribe from future mailings?
You can unsubscribe from further promotions by using the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails that we send you.

I've changed my email address, how do I update it?
To update your email address, login to, click on My Account and enter your new email address and click on save.

Can I update the password you sent me to something I can remember?
To update your password, login to, click on My Account and enter your new password (twice for verification purposes) and press save.

6. Cancellation

How do I cancel my monthly subscription to
Please go to